It has been a busy start to 2014 for CCS which is probably my primary reason for not updating our News section any sooner. We are fortunate to have been awarded three new large Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC) build outs for the Texas Department of Public Safety, the University of Texas at Dallas, and the City of Tyler Texas Fire Department. Each of these MERC units will be a goose-neck style trailer over 45 feet in length and equipped with the latest mobile communication equipment fully integrated with a VSAT auto acquire satellite system and pneumatic mast. The first of these units to be completed will be for the University of Texas at Dallas Geological Department and it will be delivered in mid-March. Much more will be posted on these three projects in the coming months.

mobile emergency response center mobile command center satellite trailer

Multiple Mobile Emergency Response Center trailers are under construction at our Wylie facility.

One of our newest product offers is our MERC-LPR trailer which is a joint project with Vetted Security Solutions ( out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Vetted is a Value Added Reseller for CCS and is one of the premier system integrators in the country in terms of LPR technology, wireless, and video surveillance. The MERC-LPR trailer is a small compact communication trailer that is equipped with solar panels, a speed radar display sign, Vigilant LPR cameras, 4G modem, on board battery bank, and a Vigilant server that allows this unit to quickly read the license plates of all passing vehicles, identify any violators that may be driving with warrants out for their arrest, and notify the local police or sheriff’s department of this risk so they can quickly apprehend the suspect.

license plate recognition mobile emergency response center

MERC-LPR trailer in use by Bexar County Constable’s office.

CCS is working with Vetted on a current LPR project with the Bexar County Constable Office out of San Antonio, Texas. This Project has already received a great deal of coverage in the press because of it’s success: . Constable Mark Vojvodich, of Bexar County Precinct Three, is responsible for an area that includes seven municipalities and unincorporated areas including San Antonio covering some 319 square miles and a population of over 630,000 residents. One of his primary duties is the enforcement of outstanding Justice of the Peace (JP) Warrants which currently amount to over $95 million in his county alone. “Fines discourage unsafe driving habits – habits that are proven to endanger lives and property,” comments Vojvodich. “The goal of enforcing these fines is to place a consequence on the shoulders of those committing offenses, in hopes that this will drive voluntary compliance of our laws over time and result in safer roadways and lives saved. Many do not realize that these JP Warrants can offset property taxes and help fund better schools, improved infrastructure, and other items that benefit the community as a whole.”

license plate recognition mobile emergency response center

Bexar County Constable officers making an arrest off of a MERC-LPR license plate read.

Constable Vojvodich began using LPR as a way to aid in his enforcement efforts stating, “LPR improves my ability to do this duty while also making it more convenient for those with outstanding warrants. I must have researched, spoken with, and / or trialed at least six or seven vendors. We selected Vigilant based on superior performance, great customer service and responsiveness, and because of unique features that no one else provided.”

“The benefits of using LPR for real-time in-the-field warrant enforcement go far beyond the efficiency gains for my Office and the benefits to the County and its residents. Our system for enforcing actually benefits the citizens with the outstanding warrants by offering up a ‘friendlier’ interaction. Our office is equipped to take payments in the field, and the majority will either make payment or arrange for payment with our officers. Not only is this extremely convenient for the citizen, but it also provides them with a way to stay out of jail, avoid missing work, and avoid vehicle impound fees and other costs that they would incur under more traditional enforcement methods.”

“And we aren’t simply looking for warrants. We are also using the system to simultaneously watch for stolen vehicles, felony warrants, Amber Alerts, sex offenders in places where they should not be, and other persons of interest. We have numerous examples of our LPR system leading us to more serious criminal offenses involving weapons, narcotics, and more.” Vojvodich concludes, “I’m very happy with the results, the service and the support we are receiving from Vigilant.”

The week of March 3rd, Bexar County will be conducting a “Warrant Roundup” where a large number of officers will be utilizing mobile LPR systems in their vehicles and using a MERC-LPR trailer to identify and stop as many vehicles as they can that have outstanding warrants. Their Office has made no secret of this operation and publicly encouraged all violators to come in and take care of their warrants and legal issues prior to being caught during this event. On Saturday March 1st, CCS and Vetted worked with the Department to do a dry run with the MERC-LPR system and within 10 minutes of deployment an arrest was made off of a license plate read where the party had multiple warrants! This is just another great example of how this technology can help keep potential dangerous criminals off the street before they can cause any more harm.

To provide better support for our customers and expand our production capabilities, we have opened a second facility at 15501 State Highway 205 in Terrell, Texas located between Rockwall and Terrell. This 14,000 square foot 4-bay facility sits on 5 acres of land which will allow us to expand our indoor staging facilities as needed. Our intent is separate our production where we continue to manufacture and integrate our larger MERC command center trailers in Wylie, Texas and handle the manufacturing and integration of our MERC Lite satcom, video surveillance, and LPR trailers at our new facility in Terrell.

I think most of us are ready for this cold winter to be over and Spring weather to take over! As I type this update I am looking out my office window watching another round of sleet fall in the Dallas area. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.


Gary Collins – CEO