AccuWeather's 2022 Atlantic hurricane season forecast | AccuWeather
The first of several Hurricane Forecasts for 2022 have been released and as expected with the warm waters, it is expected to be an above average system with 3-5 major hurricanes predicted. Many of our our customers have been gearing up for quite some time. Here in Texas TDEM has weekly calls monitoring all weather conditions and Texas DPS has added a lot of additional resources (mobile command centers, mobile generators, large Zumro Air Shelters, etc.) gearing up for the Season. After last year our customers in Louisiana are hoping they dodge the bullets this year and do not have such an active occurrence. There is still a lot of repair work and rebuilding going on from last year’s Hurricanes – particularly Ida.
CCS and FEMA set up at EOC in Baton Rouge, LA after Hurricane Ida passed through.

For any First Responders along the Gulf Coast that have not already, if you have a mobile command center I would make sure you get it online and run it through its drills now. You do not want to find out that you can not get your satellite online or that your generator is not running when you have it deployed for an actual response. If you need any help, please contact the CCS Service Center at 1-888-772-2721 or