In times of emergency, communication is key. Lives depend on how quickly you can communicate and collaborate.

That’s why we have industry-leading portable emergency communications. First responders and government officials use them to communicate in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

With our mobile command centers, you will feel safe because you know you are always prepared for any emergency. We have a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. Our team of communication technology experts is always available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Mobile technology has been a game-changer for emergency communication devices. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a fire, or another type of emergency, having the right devices and plan in place can make all the difference.

We’ve come a long way from the days of two-way radios, and emergency responders are now able to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that can help them save lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important advances in emergency communications technology! Here are three essential items for emergency communications:

1. Portable Emergency Command Center (PERC)

You need emergency communications when disaster strikes, but how do you know which products to buy? There are a few items that are key for emergency communication. One of these is the Portable Emergency Command Center (PERC).

A PERC can be set up in minutes and provides a secure area where responders can communicate during an emergency or crisis. A portable emergency command center is a great way for emergency responders to communicate quickly and easily.

A Portable Emergency Command Center (PERC) is a workstation that emergency responders can use during a crisis. It is self-contained, which means it has all the equipment responders need to communicate with each other.

The PERC is a secure place that helps with managing incidents and coordinating. It has telecommunications, workstations, and power systems. The PERC also has video conferencing systems for data gathering and mapping tools.

A PERC can be set up in minutes and provides a secure area for emergency personnel to work. Some of the features of a PERC include:

  • Internet and phone connectivity
  • Secure storage for sensitive information
  • Climate control or heating/cooling

A portable emergency command center can be deployed by ground or air transport and can be operated by a single person.

2. Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC)

Mobile Emergency Response Centers are a key component of any emergency response team. They provide an easy way to gather information, make decisions, and coordinate efforts.

A MERC can provide emergency communications for a large area or event. It is equipped with internet and phone connectivity, heating/cooling, and on-board power generation. A MERC also has space for emergency personnel to work.

Police Considerations

A mobile emergency response center allows police to communicate with their team and other emergency responders during a crisis. The best emergency command centers have the following features:

  • Internet and phone connectivity
  • Secure storage for sensitive information
  • Climate control or heating

Personnel personnel can communicate without having everyone report back into one location or another. The mobile command center can also be fitted with video footage streaming capabilities. Videos are sent wirelessly to security cameras or drones for analysis.

Emergency Medical Considerations

A medical Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC) is a self-contained emergency response vehicle. The MERC serves as an incident command center for emergency responders. They can manage the incident and coordinate their resources.

Medical mobile command centers can provide fire suppression, hazardous material management, search and rescue, or disaster medical services.

A medical MERC typically contains medical supplies and equipment. They carry stretchers, surgical tools, medicine, and oxygen tanks. The MERC can also be used as a field hospital to provide medical care to victims of a disaster.

Emergency Communications Center Teams

When assembling a team for a mobile emergency command center, it is important to consider the needs of the emergency responders. The team should be able to work together quickly and efficiently to manage the emergency.

3. LTE Service for Mobile Command For Emergency Communications

LTE service is a high-speed wireless data service that offers users fast and reliable internet and phone connectivity. LTE service is becoming a popular choice for emergency command centers.

In recent years, mobile satellite communication has become more affordable. This has made it a popular choice for emergency response teams.

Emergency responders can access coverage in rural or remote areas. It includes emergency features like priority access and priority call routing.

LTE also offers coverage in rural and remote areas, which can be a challenge for other communication services. Some of the benefits of LTE services for mobile emergency communications include:

  • High-speed internet and phone connectivity
  • Reliable coverage in rural or remote areas
  • Emergency features like priority access and priority call routing

We offer LTE service plans that include unlimited data usage, so you can stay connected during an emergency. Our plans also include priority access to the network, so you can get the information you need when you need it most.

CCS offers a variety of solutions for teams that don’t require full-time service. Instead of paying thousands a month for full-time access, you can pay as little as a few hundred if you only need to use it for a few days.

CCS can provide 20 Mbps down/5 up burstable speeds with their partners at IP Access for only a few days as needed.

Those looking for more speed but who don’t have the budget for individual plans have options, too. We have metered services tailored perfectly according to your needs as well!

Communicate With Confidence and Clarity During Emergencies

When it comes to emergency communication, it is important to have a variety of options available. We have a long history of providing reliable and effective service to our clients during times of crisis. We’re here to help make sure your communications are seamless when everything is on the line.

Contact us today for a free quote or ask any questions you may have about our platform. Our communication technology experts look forward to hearing from you soon!