Numerous studies have shown that surveillance cameras can act as an effective deterrent in certain situations. This thought to be particularly true in deserted areas, such as parking lots during the night.

Mobile video surveillance cameras are an exceptionally affordable solution for departments with tight budgets and a lack of human resources. They get situated, and Big Brother is your uncle. What’s more, they also provide easy remote surveillance for tactical and disaster management.

However before you pick out a mobile surveillance trailer, you will also want to know about what key components to look for before you open your wallet.

Read on to find out the 4 most important features in a mobile video surveillance trailer.

1. Multiple Power Options

Mobile surveillance is usually required in areas where power is not readily available. For this reason, it is important that mobile video trailers are fitted with multiple power options to suit conditions at your specific location.

For optimum power versatility, look for a trailer that includes solar, generator and shore power capabilities.

2. Suitable Connectivity and Storage Options

Connectivity is another essential that can be in short supply in locations where mobile video surveillance systems are required.

For this reason, when vetting out video trailers check to see what the connection capabilities are and whether or not they can broadcast connection. For optimum connectivity, look for models that offer both LTE and 4G connectivity, as well as satellite connection when out of range of these networks.

At the same time, ascertain how the mobile video trailer models you are looking at store the footage they gather. Optimally, they should be able to store it on disk or flash drive, or live stream it directly.

3. Day/Night Cameras

Surveillance is usually a 24-hour requirement. For this reason, it is imperative that any mobile video surveillance solutions you consider have both day and night camera capability.

Depending on your requirements, the camera quality should also be high so that the footage can be useful even if taken at long distance.

4. Jacks

If you are planning on parking a mobile video surveillance trailer in uneven territory, this can influence the angle at which cameras are able to film.

Drastic slopes or highly uneven ground can limit the range of view and severely impact the footage that you receive. Therefore, depending on the environment where the trailer is to be parked, you might need to source a model than comes with hydraulic jacks.

Hydraulic jacks will allow you to get the trailer on a level so as to gain the full range of footage that the cameras can offer.

Do You Need a Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer?

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