In 2005 Hurricane Katrina was a wake-up call for many of us in the telecommunications industry because it alerted us to the fact that our customers always need to be able to communicate, even in the midst of one of the worst natural disasters in our Nation’s history. During and after such a catastrophic event telecommunications takes on more importance because in many situations the ability to communicate can be the difference between life and death for the disaster victims. It became painfully obvious that telecommunication providers needed to be able to provide emergency communications and power in the event that all normal local resources were lost: no power, no cellular, no local phone service, even no land mobile radio service. During Katrina, a lot of our customers suffered because they were unable to communicate for several weeks after this major hurricane struck the Gulf Coast becoming the costliest natural disaster in the History of the United States and one of the 5 deadliest.

Out of this disaster, the concept for Comprehensive Communication Services or CCS was born. Several of CCS’s key founders and current ownership made the decision at that time to develop a “comprehensive” package of communication and power equipment that could be quickly deployed anywhere in the world. A great deal of research went into what components needed to be a part of this disaster response package and some of the most valuable data was obtained from feedback from actual customers that had experienced firsthand a disaster or crisis that affected their communication network. Over the course of a year, products were selected and relationships with suppliers were created to put together our initial product offerings.

percPart of our strategy at CCS is to provide proven technology that is standards-based as part of our solution packages. This decision drove us to form relationships with companies such as Motorola, Raytheon, Avaya/Nortel, Cummins Onan Generators, and several more key technology companies. Another key part of this solution package was being able to provide a mobile platform that these communication packages could be installed in and quickly transported or airlifted to the disaster response location. The decision was made to open a manufacturing facility and hire the resources needed to produce our own unique line of mobile communication trailers that we call MERCs or Mobile Emergency Response Centers. Through these relationships, we have been able to put together what we feel is one of the most comprehensive communication and power packages in the industry for our customers. CCS is one of the few true communication systems integrators in the United States that is focused exclusively on emergency response and business continuity solutions.

Our two primary product offerings are our line of Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC) trailers and our Portable Emergency Response Centers (PERCs). Both of these solutions are discussed in detail in our Products Section. These solutions allow our customers to have a complete voice, data, and power network up and running within 15 minutes of deployment. They can both provide satellite network connectivity, cellular service, wireless LAN/WAN coverage, land mobile radio service, video surveillance and conferencing, and generator power. Both of these solutions can operate completely independent of any local resources which allow our customers to always be able to communicate.

mobile command unit parked in garageNot all of our solutions are based on mobile packages. We can also provide land-based services that can still be used during an emergency response. For example, we can just as easily install a backup generator in a building and a permanently mounted satellite dish on the roof of a building. We also have access to a Network Operations Center in California which allows us to provide Hosted Services for applications such as VoIP, SIP, Red Phone Service, and the Mutualink Incident Response Network.

We are always looking to add new products and solutions to our offers to expand what we can provide our customers. This includes some of our newer products such as our MERC-V which is a video surveillance trailer that can operate on solar and/or generator power and our MERC-LPR trailers which use cameras and LTE connectivity to provide license plate recognition services. Although we do provide trailers as a part of our solution, we are a communication company first and that is where we see the real value of the solution. Our manufacturing and office facilities are located at 15501 State Highway 205 in Terrell, Texas.

We offer our solution set directly to customers, but we also have a very valuable network of Dealers located around the country including AT&T, Alliance Technologies, IP Access International, Vetted Security Solutions, GCI, Bearcom Wireless, and Chilcott Inc. Over the past eight years we have provided our solutions to customers all across the country and world including the New York National Guard, the Texas National Guard, US Army, Country of Chile, FEMA, FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety, Country of Peru, Country of Paraguay, Red Cross, and many more.

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