firetruck-1BFX Fire Apparatus are legendary champions fighting wildfires. And BFX Type 6 Engines and Support Apparatus are ready to give your firefighters the upper-hand with our advanced fiber composite technology. Offering up to 40% weight savings over steel – our technology enables you to fight longer with more water, less fuel, and lower maintenance costs.

If it’s additional gear you are looking to carry, then look no further than our fiber composite shelving package. Our fiber composite shelving and struts are the ULTIMATE in strength and flexibility, rated for 250 lbs. of live load, the highest in the industry.

Although water can be a fireman’s best friend, steel fire apparatus manufacturers shake in their boots just thinking about the rusty punishment you’re going to dish out. While others shake in their boots, Our BFX Fire apparatus cinch up their boots for the fight every time knowing we are rust free.

Our fiber composite apparatus can withstand extreme heat when most fire apparatus is down for the count; our fiber composite apparatus is ready for many more rounds as you transfer them from truck to truck. It’s nothing for our fiber composite apparatus to have a 20-year Wildland career which is unheard of in the steel apparatus manufacturing arena.
The 662 Wildland Engine is ideal for off-road fire suppression, this apparatus stands for quality and reliability, and nothing less. After three decades of dedication, imagination, and innovation, you have the BFX Type 6. As a result of ever-increasing firefighter demands the BFX Type 6 offers design and options far superior to those that might be found elsewhere.

The severe duty support and rescue vehicles offer proven durability in the field, and superior equipment storage both on and off-road. Offering options for walk-in capability, Emergency Managers, Fuel Management, and Hot Shot Crews. A metal option (which can include all Aluminum) for the Type 6 engine modular in design, and offers alternatives to the Wildland Firefighter.