Three additional MERC-Lite mobile command center trailers left our facility Feb. 25th bound for the Port of Houston and then on to the countries of Honduras and the Dominican Republic. This will be the first MERC unit for Honduras but the 3rd and 4th unit for the Dominican. These projects are part of our ongoing relationship with Chilcott, Inc. out of Florida as they continue to provide us coverage and support for all of Latin America. These units should be delivered in late March or early April and then a team of Chilcott technicians will travel in country to train the users.

Three MERC-Lite mobile command centers leaving for Port of Houston.

CCS is also excited to deliver another MERC-UASC (unmanned aerial system carrier) or as most people refer to them – a “drone deployment unit”. We have done these units in multiple form factors – van based units and trailer based units. The most recent unit is for Austin Community College out of Austin, Texas where they will use it as part of their public safety training school. What is unique about the CCS drone deployment unit is that it is the only one in the country that incorporates a custom plexiglass material for the rear walls of the unit that allows the pilots to maintain line of sight with their aircraft when possible. The rear and side walls of the trailer fold down to become launching and landing pads and then the pilots can sit in a climate controlled trailer in a comfy gaming chair while they perform their mission. A big part of our focus is to provide network connectivity so the personnel assigned to the unit can always communicate with the appropriate resources and have the ability to stream the live drone video from anywhere in the world. We accomplish this with LTE routers, mesh network equipment, and VSAT satellite network connectivity utilizing the Pepwave Speed Fusion software. The unit itself is equipped with multiple flight computers, weather station, video streaming and recording equipment, drone storage, a drone repair work station, HVAC, LED interior and exterior lighting, a pneumatic mast (tower), and multiple PTZ and dome cameras. We also include a pull down screen and projector for simulated flight training! Much more on these units in the coming months.

MERC drone deployment trailer.
MERC drone trailer interior cockpit.

As we enter Springtime, CCS has several new projects under way for FEMA, Texas A&M, State of Louisiana, Angelina County, and many more customers. As always, reach out to us directly with any questions at 972-772-2721 or