CCS has been attending the AT&T FirstNet Pubic Safety Summit this week in Las Vegas at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino Resort with our friends at JPS the leaders in radio interoperability. The show is for AT&T FirstNet customers and approved suppliers giving these clients a chance to see some of the newest technology and software available to them from AT&T and their partners. There are also several training classes provided allowing these customers to expand their knowledge base on certain technologies. CCS and JPS had our new PERC-ACUM and PERC-Z2 mobile go kits on display that utilize Pepwave 5g and FirstNet capable routers combined with a lithium battery bank, a hardened POE switch, a wheeled Pelican case, and the JPS server to provide a mobile hotspot that also provides radio interoperability. These units also support a satellite connection from any LEO based satellite system including Kymeta units and StarLinks. Very informative show and always enjoy getting to hang out with Roman (and even Joey Clements one of the instructors at the conference). I will even throw a plug in for the SouthPoint Hotel and Casino – one of the best deals in Vegas for a very nice hotel and casino. Our hotel room rate was only $60.00 for the event and I promise you the rooms were first rate, the food was very good, and the service was consistently outstanding.

Several of the partners and suppliers that CCS works with were also in attendance. Some of the technologies on display that CCS provides our customers included the full line of Pepwave 5g LTE routers including the new new BR2 dual sim dual modem router that for such a small and affordable unit is still a very powerful unit. When you use this unit with a AT&T FirstNet SIM, a Verizon or T-Mobile SIM, and then connect in a Kymeta or StarLink satellite all bonded using Speed Fusion, it is not unusual to see upload and download speeds around 200 mbps or more. Nextivity was also there with their celluar exntension systems that support both commercial LTE and FirstNet. These units really help to pull in a weak cell signal to provide a better comnection. Our partners from Panorama antennas where there with their full line of LTE and WiFi antennas for vehicle and roof mounts.

Back at our facility in Ft. Worth the CCS production crew continues to build out new command centers and work on upgrades on exisitng units. Our production schedlue is booked out past 2024 as we currently have 17 new projects under contract with several of them representng multiple build outs for the same customer. Much more on these projects in coming months. Please contact us directly with any questions or comments.