Despite the ongoing supply chain issues and the threat of an economic recession, our First Responders continue to prepare themselves for the 2022 Hurricane Season and for any other disasters. CCS has several large projects under construction and contract for multiple agencies including Bexar County TX OEM, Oncor Energy, Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5, Texas DPS, the California OEM Office, State of Louisiana Fire Marshall’s Office, Denton County Sheriff’s Office, and several more.

Training is a big part of the services that CCS provides and I got to start my week off on Monday in Odessa, TX training their Police Dept. on their new CCS MERC mobile command center. Great group of women and men that help keep their community safe. Also got to bond with one of their service dogs that required a good amount of belly rubbing before he would let me pass!!

Odessa TX Police Dept new mobile command center.
Odessa PD Service Dog – belly rub time!

The 2022 Hurricane forecast does not bode well for the Gulf Coast Region, but let’s hope the season is not as bad as predicted. CCS continues to build out new MERC command centers as quickly as we can to prepare these First Responders for whatever comes their way. All of our units are equipped with mobile satellite equipment and LTE routers that enable our customers to communicate anywhere they deploy regardless of the local conditions. Some of the new technology available enables multiple LTE networks and satellite networks to be “blended” together to provide an even larger network pipe based upon the aggregate connectivity of all sim cards and sat service. Very very cool technology.

Harris County Constable Precinct 5 new mobile command center.

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