Unfortunately our MERC delivery schedule of mobile command centers, video surveillance trailers, and license plate recognition (LPR) units has been delayed this summer as we wait on certain parts and material to complete projects. We truly appreciate our customer’s patience and understanding as we work through these supply chain issues. CCS did have the honor to deliver two of our MERC-Lite mobile command center trailers to the State of Missouri Dept. of Transportation in Jefferson City, MO in mid-July. These two MERC-Lite units were modified to meet the specific requirements of the DOT. They were equipped with dual 5K Dexter axles, two 30 foot Fireco pneumatic masts, a Cummins Onan 12KW diesel generator with 81 gallon fuel tank, two 21u IT racks mounted on isolation mounts, and a custom Zumro CCS Air Shelter that has a custom boot that attaches to the rear of the trailer to provide full access to the IT racks and to provide a climate controlled work space for up to six people. There is a 7,000 BTU Tripp-Lite AC mounted in the IT compartment and two 14,000 BTU AC Units/Heaters provided for the Zumro Air Shelter. These units will be equipped with a 1.8 Meter auto acquire VSAT to provide a satellite backhaul and a CradlePoint LTE dual sim router that supports multiple carriers including AT&T FirstNet.

Missouri DOT MERC-LITE mobile command centers

CCS will be delivering three of our MERC-V video surveillance trailers to Baytown, TX Police Department at the end of June. Each one of these units will be equipped with Motorola Avigilon PTZ and fisheye cameras and two Motorola Vigilant LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras. These MERCs are hybrid units being powered by two 365 watt solar panels with six solar batteries and a Cummins Onan 5,000 watt diesel generator. In South Texas these units will run off the solar power the majority of the time, but on the rare occasion the batteries need a quick charge the generator will kick on to charge them back up. We are looking forward to getting the Baytown PD Team trained so they can deploy these three MERC units in the Baytown area to assist them in their mission of keeping their citizens safe!

MERC-V video and license plate recognition trailer for Baytown, TX PD

Several other new projects are under work for Texas A&M University, Carrollton, TX Police Department, FEMA, Ora Valley Police Dept in Arizona, and several more. In addition to our MERC mobile command centers we have also ramped up our production of PERC Kits for Denton County, TX OEM, Avaya Inc, and Harris County, TX OEM. For those of you not familiar with the PERC, it stands for Portable Emergency Response Center and it is a mobile Go Kit packed into a small Pelican case. The base model is equipped with lithium batteries, a Pepwave dual sim LTE router that supports FirstNet and Verizon, WiFi service, a 4 port POE switch with exterior CAT5e ports, dual USB charging ports, a voltage meter to monitor charge levels, a battery charging management system, and a power brick that includes a 12 volt cigarette lighter style adapter. Upgrade models include a video encoder for sharing live video feeds and drone video and an iDirect satellite modem board which allows connectivity to a fly away satellite system.

PERC – Portable Emergency Response Center

Please contact us directly with any questions at 972-772-2721 or sales@ccscontact.net.