CCS has partnered with Vetted Security and Motorola Vigilant to expand on our efforts in the License Plate Recognition (LPR) Market. CCS was recently selected by Vetted and Motorola to work with them on a very important project for the State of Louisiana. The State needed 25 mobile solar powered LPR trailers to assist them in a Victim Advocacy Program to help protect victims of domestic violence, spousal abuse, and child abuse including protection from pedophiles. These LPR trailers can be set up in area that may be targeted by some form of abuser allowing First Responders to capture their license plate information and get immediately notified if they are stalking a potential victim, cruising an elementary school, etc.. There is no replacement for law enforcement “feet on the street”, but these LPR trailers provide a valuable assist to these men and women that are working day and night to protect all of us. Much more on this project in the coming months.

MERC-LPR solar trailer deployed near a church and school in Louisiana.

CCS also continues to expand on our PERC portable Go Kits. These PERC units are designed around a small Pelican style case that is equipped with an internal lithium battery bank, Pepwave dual sim LTE router that supports FirstNet, a 4 port POE switch that supports POE cameras, computers, and VoIP phones, WiFi, dual USB charging ports, an optional iDirect satellite modem to use with a fly away satellite system, and an optional video encoder and screen that allows the user to stream live video feeds including drone video. Denton County, Texas has recently purchase 20 of these PERC units for use in their COVID-19 relief efforts and Major League Fishing has deployed 50 of these to use during Major League Fishing tournaments. The PERC can provide 18-24 hours of run time as a mobile spot with increased run times by simply sliding an additional lithium battery similar to a unit used in a cordless drill into a surface mount charging slot.

PERC units for Denton County, Texas.

Hurricane Season starts June 1st so if you need any assistance in preparing your mobile command center for deployment, please contact us at 972-772-2721 or