We continue to expand on our PERC product line. A few weeks ago we introduced the PERC-Z2 which combines the mobility of the PERC kit with the JPS RSP-Z2TM Dual Channel Interoperability Gateway. Today we announce the PERC-ACUM which expands on the radio and IP interoperability with the JPS ACU-M. The ACU-M provides four audio ports (for radios or other devices), two optional Radio over IP (RoIP) channels, and a headset port. Included in both units is a dual SIM Pepwave LTE router that supports FirstNet, a robust lithium battery system, four POE LAN ports, WAN input, WiFi, dual USB charging ports, and a power level meter. Think of the these units as a “mobile command post in a box” that weighs less than 25 lbs and can easily be transported by hand or in a backpack. Much more on these units in the coming months.

New PERC-ACUM – joint project with JPS.