It’s been too long since my last update, but I have been waiting for the “makeover” to our website to be completed. We went live with our updated website on January 2nd and our new enhancements include much easier viewing on smart devices, a complete product listing, a new company logo, and an easier format to provide updated product pictures and videos. So many of our customer’s first contact with CCS starts with our website so we wanted to make it as informative as possible and easy to navigate.

Our presence in Latin America continues to grow through our partnership with Chilcott, Inc. We are currently under contract to provide 10 more of our MERC Lite communication trailers to the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Peru – all in the first quarter of 2016! The first 2 units for the Dominican Republic are already in route to the island and CCS with Chilcott will be scheduling a training visit in February. These Mobile Emergency Response Centers will be used to respond to any man-made or natural disaster that could affect the island. Each unit is equipped with a 1.2 meter carbon fiber auto-acquire satellite for network connectivity, a Cummins Onan 12,000 watt diesel generator for local power, six Motorola portable VHF radios, a Motorola VHF radio repeater, a Mutualink Incident Response System that allows easy communication and collaboration with their military headquarters and allows them to share live video feeds from the MERC unit, a Tempest 30 foot pneumatic mast equipped with radio and wifi antennas, and an inflatable shelter that attaches to the trailer to provide a mobile workspace. Much more on this project in future updates.

mobile command center satellite communications

One of two Mobile Emergency Response Centers for the Dominican Republic.

The MERC build-outs for the Texas National Guard out of Camp Mabry continue. By the end of May 2016, CCS will have provided the Guard 33 of our Mobile Emergency Response Center satellite trailers. These trailers are mid-sized mobile command centers that provide a climate controlled workspace for the Guard troops assigned to them in the form of a 20-foot box trailer. These units are constantly deployed in Texas to assist in the response to the State’s wildfires, floods, Hurricanes, and any other natural or man-made disaster. These units are all staged at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas and then deployed to the various bases and armories around the State.

mobile command center mobile emergency response center

One of 33 Mobile Emergency Response Centers for the Texas National Guard.

CCS has also been awarded some new projects for the City of Lubbock, TX Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety. These projects are still in their early stages of build out and procurement so I will save those updates for next month. CCS continues to increase our production capabilities as we are in the final stages of an expansion at our location in Terrell, Texas. This expansion should be completed by the end of January 2016 and will provide us the production space to build out more Mobile Emergency Response Center trailers simultaneously to meet the growing demand for our product.

Please contact me directly with any questions or comments.


Gary Collins – CEO

mobile command center mobile emergency response center

Custom conference room build-out for Texas DPS.