Summer is officially here in Texas, but that has not slowed down our work at CCS.  Although we always love getting new customers, there is a great sense of satisfaction when you have repeat business with an existing customer.  In June we had the privilege to deliver new Mobile Emergency Response Center (MERC) satcom trailers to the Texas National Guard and to the Kentucky National Guard.  The Texas National Guard has been a customer of CCS for over 7 years and by the time this project is completed we will have provided 30 of our MERC trailers equipped with VSAT satellite equipment, Tempest pneumatic masts, Cummins Onan generators, land mobile radios, a climate controlled workspace, and custom aluminum storage cabinets.  The Kentucky Guard has just taken possession of their 2nd MERC Lite satcom trailer, the first being procured back in 2011.  Both units are stored at their National Guard base in Frankfort, Kentucky.

merc for kentucky national guard

merc for texas national guard

The week of June 22-26 CCS attended the State of Kentucky COMEX event that was held in a series of cities around the State (Somerset, Louisville, Bowling Green, Florence, and Frankfort). The event was an exercise to allow area First Responders to get together with their mobile command centers and practice communicating during an emergency response.  This included interoperability testing, satellite voice calls, emailing across the satellite link, and sharing video.

merc at OMEX eventWe were in attendance with our friends from IP Access International and ArtiCorp.  IP Access provides the satellite network for our MERC Lite demo unit and for several of the customers in attendance.  ArtiCorp is a new partner for CCS and they manufacture and integrate their own line of drones or UAVs.  The brought a new quadcopter to the event that was equipped with a high-resolution day night video surveillance camera.  The event was very well attended and despite the extreme heat, everyone survived!

Much more info to come in next months update on new international projects and on a new line of rental MERC-V video surveillance trailers that CCS is offering. As always, please contact me with any questions.

merc quad copter with camera








Have a great summer,

Gary Collins – CEO



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