We just recently finished an update to our website to add some additional content about some new products and service offers. As with most of our product line, two of these new products were developed based on direct feedback from CCS customers that needed help fulfilling a specific need for rapid deployment of communication and drone equipment.

The first new offer is our PERC unit which stands for Portable Emergency Response Center. The PERC is designed to serve as a mobile communication network in a small backpack-able Pelican style case that can provide network connectivity anywhere in the world utilizing an internal Lithium battery bank when needed. It includes an internal LTE router and modem that can support most LTE networks including FirstNet Band 14 and an optional fly away satellite system when LTE service is not available. For much more detail on this product please see the PERC product information at https://www.comprehensivecom.net/perc/.

Portable Emergency Response Center

CCS is also very excited to announce our new drone deployment unit we call the MERC-UASC or Unmanned Aerial System Carrier. This unit is designed to provide all drone pilots the ability to deploy their UASs from inside a mobile climate controlled cockpit area while still maintaining line of sight with their device thanks to the Plexiglas walls that surround them. The unit is equipped with a weather station for flight conditions, air traffic radio, WiFi and LTE connectivity, internal LED lighting, on board generator power, all flight controls and accessories, multiple LED monitors, a PA system for announcements of take offs and landings, three launching pads, a slide out work bench, an option for a tethering system, a 1.2 meter auto acquire satellite system, and many more options. For more details please go to our MERC-UASC page on our website at https://www.comprehensivecom.net/mobile-response-drone/ .

Mobile Response Drone

Stay tuned for future updates and please contact us with any questions.

Gary Collins – CEO

Phone: 972-772-2721