FEMA’s Regional Service Centers all maintain a fleet of mobile command centers to support their teams when they roll out to a natural or man made disaster response. These units vary in size and functionality but the largest classification of unit they use is an EOV or Emergency Operational Vehicle. The EOV for Region 6 based out of Denton, Texas is a 50 foot plus trailer equipped with two 25 foot slide outs making it one of the biggest mobile command centers on the road today, especially when it is combined with the large Freightliner truck that moves it around the country. CCS was fortunate enough to win the award to renovate this unit back in 2017 and now again in 2021. This is all part of FEMA’s efforts to keep their units operational and current on all technology. The CCS team lead by Cliff Haynes, Paul Aguero, and Jacob Szoka partnered with the FEMA Team led by David Perez and Victor Camacho to develop and execute on an upgrade plan to ensure this unit is updated to the latest communication technology and is designed to be very functional for the FEMA staff assigned to the unit.

FEMA unit with two 25 foot slide outs.

The upgrades including new flooring, new walls and interior ceilings, new work stations, new conference room table, new LED lighting, new IT racks, updated data, video, and audio wiring, new camera system, new HD LED TVs and monitors, new video matrix switching system, new exterior and interior patch panels, and much much more. All of the work was performed at CCS headquarters in Ft Worth, Texas. This is one of the more popular mobile command center units within the FEMA fleet because of the size and work space of the unit. You literally feel like you are working out of a large office space and not a trailer when you are inside this unit. The men and women of FEMA doing an incredible job of helping to protect and serve our country and we are lucky to have such a large organization focused on our well being.

The only down side is that when you see this trailer outside of Denton it normally means that something bad has happened – hurricane, flood, tornado, etc.. The good news is that this unit is very well equipped to provide a very robust communication network to the FEMA Team allowing them to coordinate the required resources to properly respond to the crisis. We truly appreciate FEMA’s continued use of CCS for projects such as the FEMA EOV upgrade. Over the past 5 years we have done work on over 25 of their units nationwide. Always a pleasure to work with this great group of professionals!!