One of the services we offer all of our customers is a Consultation Service that can help them determine the best solution for a new Mobile Emergency Response Center, a technology refresh and /or renovation on an existing Mobile Command Center, or an update to their existing Emergency Response/Disaster Recovery Plan. CCS has personnel on staff that all have 20+ years of experience in:

  • Mobile satellite technology (Ku, KA, C, and X band)
  • Land Mobile Radio
  • 4G & LTE networks including FirstNet
  • Video surveillance
  • WiFi
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Electrical and networking expertise
  • Pneumatic Masts
  • Winch Based Masts
  • Mobile generators
  • Mobile Shelter Options
  • HVAC
  • Mutualink
  • Interoperability
  • CAD technical drawings
  • Hosted Voice and Storage Services

consulting-3Our focus for these Consulting Engagements is limited to a mobile communication solution for emergency response situations or a mobile office need. Our focus as a company is on these type of mobile solutions and we do want to extend our resources by taking on non-mobile communication consulting opportunities. The majority of our customers are government based First Responders and many times they need assistance in establishing the correct criteria prior to issuing a Request for Proposal for these type of solutions.

CCS has deployments all over the world and we do have bilingual partners that can assist with international opportunities. These Consulting Engagements can be quoted on a fixed cost basis or can be quoted on an hourly rate based upon a customer’s specific requirements. Please contact us directly to discuss what level of support you need and to receive a budgetary proposal.