It has been a typical Texas summer in Ft Worth with temperatures at or over 100 degrees most days. What has been unusual is the very active Hurricane Season. As the West Coast struggles with raging wildfires, the Gulf Coast is bracing for two potential Hurricanes that could come ashore very close to the same time frame – one in Texas and one in the Louisiana/Alabama region. Tropical Storms Laura and Marco continue to push into the gulf with an early week landfall predicted for both storms. Fortunately neither storm will be too strong, but that does not mean they can not still cause flooding and wind damage. More on these storms next week.

CCS delivered and trained the Texas Rangers on their new MERC Mobile Command Center in Austin, Texas. This new unit will be used for a variety of purposes: security command center during Texas protests and demonstrations, Border Security deployments, and Hurricane responses. This unit is set up to support 8 to 12 First Responders providing them a climate controlled work space and a full package of communication equipment. This MERC is equipped with a Pepwave HD4 LTE quad sim router with a roof mount LTE/WiFi antenna, Motorola land mobile radios and a dispatch console, video surveillance cameras and software, helicopter video downlink system, local HD antenna for local new stations, multiple work stations with HD monitors and a 8×8 video matrix switch, generator power with a 30KW Engine Power Source generator, centralized ducted HVAC system, and LED interior and exterior lighting.

Texas Rangers MERC drive away unit.

CCS is also wrapping up a project for the US Army North. This is the result of an RFP to build a prototype small tactical mobile command center that is small enough to be easily towed or air lifted, but is still equipped with a very robust mobile communication package. Despite being just a 20 foot dual axle trailer, this MERC unit is still equipped with three compartments: (1) Work station area for two soldiers (2) Middle conference room for four to six responders, and a rear IT room and storage area. The MERC unit is equipped with a Pepwave HD4 LTE router that supports AT&T FirstNet, JPS ACU-5000, Harris dual band land mobile radios, video surveillance cameras, MSAT radio system, and storage for portable shock mount cases for additional IT equipment. Much more on this project in coming months.

US Army North MERC conference room.
US Army North MERC exterior.

We will know more on the pending Hurricane threat next week, but please keep the Gulf Coast region in your prayers. If the forecasts are accurate it is going to be a very rough Hurricane season for all of our coastal states. Combine this threat with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, west coast wildfires, and the political unrest in our country and our First Responders are spread very thin. I work with these brave men and women every day and I have yet to hear one of them complain.

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