One of CCS’s partners in the drone/UAV market is Fortress Solutions out of Plano, TX. They supply drone training and support to drone customers all over the world. This morning from 8:00 am to 10:00 am they sponsored a customer appreciation event where a lot of local Dallas First Responders came out and saw some of the latest and greatest in drone deployment technology. It was well attended and Fortress even provide a catering truck for free breakfast for everyone in attendance!

New concept drone that flies using hydrogen – 2 1/2 hour flight time!!

CCS had our MERC- UASC or Unmanned Aerial System Carrier on display which is one of the most unique drone deployment units on the market because it allows the pilot to maintain line of sight with the UAS from inside the climate controlled trailer. Mike Butler from Bearcom Wireless was there to pilot some drones for us and to help explain the technology to some of the attendees. We had several of our customers come out including Oncor Energy, City of Mesquite PD, Dallas Fire and Rescue, the Dallas FBI Field Office, and many more.

Attendees registering for the event.

Several topics that were covered including some new hydrogen based drones that come with a 2 1/2 hour flight time, new streaming devices that allow drone pilots to share their video feeds live in a HD format, different types of support and training plans that Fortress provides for drone users, and of course the MERC drone deployment trailer that includes satellite and LTE connectivity for drone video streaming. The use of drones in Public Safety is growing exponentially with applications for search and rescue, antenna deployments, situational awareness around a crime scene, crowd control, video surveillance, etc..

Prepping the drone deployment trailer for the event.

There will be a lot more drone training in 2019 so keep checking back for future dates and events at