Now that our move to Ft. Worth is complete and we are settled in at our new facility at 2800 Golden Triangle Blvd. we can get back to the business of building out mobile command center trailers and vehicles we like to call a MERC (Mobile Emergency Response Center). Several of these projects started in 2019 and are now being completed in 2020. Two of the first MERC mobile command centers to roll out the door are for the Texas General Land Office and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have several more projects under way for Sprint Wireless, Texas Dept. of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, FEMA, University of Texas Health Center, and several more MERCs for Saudi Arabia.

The Texas General Land Office based out of Austin, Texas is an existing customer as we remodeled their older existing mobile command center several years ago. Debbie Carbajal-Saenz, Austin Delaney, and their team have been very forward thinking with their approach toward mobile communications out in the field to assist in their responses to oil and chemical spills in the State. They are a Texas state agency responsible for managing lands and mineral rights properties that are owned by the state. The GLO also manages and contributes to the state’s Permanent School Fund. George Prescott Bush was elected Texas Land Commissioner on Nov. 4, 2014, earning more votes than any other statewide candidate on the ballot and still serves today.

New MERC mobile command center for the TX GLO.

This new MERC is equipped with a very advanced mobile communication package including a 1.2 Meter auto acquire General Dynamics satellite system, a Fireco 50 foot pneumatic mast, a Mutualink IWS system, a Telex dispatch Console, a Pepwave HD4 LTE router enabled for WiFi, AT&T FirstNet, and Verizon service, a Newline interactive touchscreen, Polycom hosted IP Phones, Motorola land mobile radios, Harris radio repeater, battery back up system, Engine Power Source 30KW diesel generator, five work stations, conference room, two slide outs for additional work space, a kitchen area with a Keurig Coffee Maker (per Debbie), exterior tv under an electric side awning, a video matrix switch to control all video feeds, Direct TV satellite and service, and an audio system with speakers inside and outside the trailer for music and announcements through a microphone. This MERC mobile command center is one of the best equipped in the State of Texas and will serve this agency for many years to come. We at CCS really appreciate the GLO’s continued confidence in us to support their mobile communication needs.

Through our friends at Sat-Lite based out of White Oak, Texas, we have been contracted by them to provide a large number of our MERC-Lite small tactical mobile command centers and our MERC-V video trailers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We completed the first MERC-Lite in January and it will soon be on the way to the Kingdom. These units are equipped with a 1.5 Meter Sat-Lite auto acquire satellite system, a 30 foot Fireco pneumatic mast, an Onan 12Kw diesel generator, three 21u IT racks with a UPS system, a Zumro custom inflatable shelter, and two rack mounted 7,000 BTU ac units. We are very excited about these MERC-Lites and what they will be able to provide this country in terms of mobile comms support.

First MERC-Lite for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Much more on other projects in coming articles. Please contact us with any questions at 972-772-2721 or