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CCS is a systems integrator focused on providing communication and power solutions for emergency response and business continuity.

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Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS) stands at the forefront of innovation and reliability in the realm of emergency response solutions. As a leader in developing and providing mobile command centers, advanced air shelters, and state-of-the-art emergency communication systems, CCS has carved a niche in supporting first responders with technology-driven services. Our expertise lies in creating adaptable, efficient, and robust tools essential for critical situations, ensuring that first responders are equipped with the best resources to manage emergencies effectively. Through our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation, CCS is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of those who protect and serve our communities, making us a trusted partner in emergency management and response.

Emergency Communications

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Mobile Command Centers

Mobile Command Center

Inflatable Air Shelters

Portable Air Shelters

Mobile Video Surveillance

Mobile Video surveillance

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A great deal of research went into the CCS product line and the services we provide with vital feedback from First Responders that had been deployed during a disaster response situation and were all too familiar with the communication challenges that can occur. One thing that we learned was that a lot of the existing mobile command centers that were being utilized during this period were all very nice vehicles and trailers that provided a climate-controlled office space but were lacking in the communication package that was installed in the unit. Many just had land mobile radios, but either no satellite service or very limited satellite network connectivity, no interoperability with other First Responders, no cellular connectivity, no video surveillance for situational awareness, and no access to news media resources. Our goal was to develop the most robust communication package for mobile command centers on the market and provide CCS customers the ability to communicate across multiple platforms with each other and with other First Responders.

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LPR high Definition Video Surveillance

License Plate

Mobile Crime Scene Technician Support

Mobile Crime
Scene Units

Crime Scene Units

Communication and Data from the Sky

Unmanned Aerial System Carrier

Small Cell Deployable Unit

Mobile Communications Trailer Lite


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Mobile Command Trailers

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With 3,789 projects completed and a stellar 99.5% customer satisfaction we’re ready to serve you.

“This MERC package combined with the shelter provides us a response package that can be fully deployed in less than 30 minutes anywhere we need it!”

SGT John Byrd,
– Harris County Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team