Like most of you I watched the hostage situation unfold this weekend in Colleyville, TX and was so relieved that all the hostages were freed unharmed and that no law enforcement agents were injured. Just an outstanding job all the way around by Chief Michael Miller with the Colleyville, PD, the FBI Dallas Field office and their support team, and all of the North Texas First Responders that assisted.

I especially wanted to brag on the FBI Dallas Field Office Team because they are one of our customers and we provided them a command center several years ago that they use a great deal. One thing we reinforce with all our customers is that they constantly need to exercise and deploy their command centers to make sure they are working properly and that their entire team understands how to deploy them and get them online. These FBI agents have always done a great job of this and are constantly rolling their unit out and putting it through their checklist. A few months ago during one of these exercises they identified a problem with their satellite system that we were able to get with them on and quickly correct. This past weekend this unit was their on-site “command post” and their communication Hub. I think that is why things went so smoothly because they put so much preparation time in every month to be ready for events like this past weekend. That is a lesson learned for all of us – success depends so much on preparation. I think my Dallas Cowboys could probably learn a lot from them after yet another early exit from the playoffs!!

I know too many times it is a thankless job for our law enforcement folks, just want them to know we all appreciate the work and preparation they put in every single day! For product info visit .