Not sure what mobile command centers are? Well, you’ve probably seen them before, in the movies at least.

Picture this: there’s a dramatic scene on screen. A bank robbery has gone wrong, or there’s a nail-biting hostage situation.

Somewhere close to the scene, there’s a big van or truck on standby. Inside the vehicle, the action is taking place with officials making phone calls and big decisions being made.

These vans are called mobile command centers, otherwise known as emergency response communications. They’re used for many different reasons but they’re very useful for police, firefighters, and other public safety workers in the midst of a crisis.

Want to know how they’re used by public safety agencies in 2020? Keep reading.

Large Event Security

If you’ve ever been to a big event like a multi-day music festival, you’ll have likely passed a mobile command unit at some point. During large scale events like this that draw large crowds, public safety workers often bring several units to serve as a mobile headquarters for people on duty.

They also offer wireless surveillance of a large area full of thousands of people to help the crowds stay safe.

Bomb Units

A mobile command center can also be used as a bomb unit. We all know that when there’s the threat of a bomb, a quick response is key for saving lives.

A mobile command center can offer quick and clear communication and high-quality video cameras to help make those all-important decisions. It can even host a remotely-operated bomb-defusing robot. Whatever is required to keep the public safe from a potential bomb, a mobile command center can be packed with all the necessary equipment.

Crime Labs

In 2020, many mobile command vehicles are loaded with innovative equipment to test all kinds of evidence straight from a crime scene. That means the days where police must take evidence away to a far-off crime lab are over.

With the help of a mobile command unit, police can get the results they need as efficiently as possible.


Mobile command posts are often used during natural and man-made disasters. That’s because they can offer a temporary place for safety workers and the public to stay in if there’s an emergency or extreme weather taking place.

They may not be the most comfortable place, but amid an emergency, they can at least provide a safe place to stay temporarily.

The Use of Mobile Command Centers in 2020

Mobile command centers were originally designed to offer help for public safety workers in an active situation or emergency. That’s whether it’s a crime, natural or man-made disaster, or another kind of emergency.

In 2020, those are still the best purposes of mobile command centers but over the years the units have developed more to become even more technologically advanced and useful.

Communications, security, and versatility are all important features of public safety work and mobile command centers are ideal in helping with such work.

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