There are currently more than 8,000 satellites orbiting the Earth. Satellites are important as they allow mobile command centers to function. This is because most of them work by connecting with satellites in space. 

A mobile command center is useful for a variety of reasons, but how long does it take to set one up? Why might you need a remote command center? What should you know before getting one?

Keep reading and learn more about your mobile command trailer options below.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Command Centers

Mobile command centers are very important during emergencies. Firefighters, police officers, and the military often use them. This is because ordinary lines of communication would be down in the event of an emergency.

Consider how cell phones work; they rely on cell towers to function. These towers have special dishes that allow them to transmit cellular waves for miles. Their height ensures that buildings and trees don’t block these waves. 

Each cell tower is within a certain radius of the next, allowing them to connect and transmit cellular waves. This is how it is possible to call people across the country.

This also makes it easier to call and text people when you’re out and about as long as you have cell coverage. But these cell towers may not be up and running in an emergency. In the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane, those cell towers may have been torn down. 

This means that there are no towers to transmit and redirect cellular signals. This would make it impossible to use your phone or send a text. Traditional phone lines would also likely get knocked down in an emergency.

Emergency responders can’t get cut off from communication completely. This would make it too difficult to respond to the right locations and communicate with other responders.

But mobile command centers have the solution to that problem. This is because they don’t rely on ordinary lines of communication. 

The Details

Mobile command centers have no need for cell towers or phone lines. They instead rely on satellites that orbit the Earth. These satellites are always functioning.

No natural disasters or wars can affect how these satellites work since they are safely tucked away into Earth’s orbit. These satellites work much like cell towers. They transmit information to Earth in the form of radio waves. 

These waves stop once they come in contact with the antenna of a mobile command center. The antenna then translates these radio waves into comprehensible data. This is also the way satellite phones work. 

This ensures that the mobile command center can receive and transmit important information. This is essential during an emergency. It ensures that emergency responders can communicate with each other and know where to go. 

This technology is also important for wars. This is because ordinary lines of communication will likely not exist on a battlefield. Mobile command centers may also sometimes get used for crime scenes. 

How Long Does It Take To Set up a Mobile Command Center?

What many people don’t know is that there are many different types of mobile command centers. Some are designed to be very large and can hold several people. These larger centers may weigh thousands of pounds.

They may contain several computers with internet service, wireless antennas, radios, TVs, and more. They also contain chairs, desks, LED lights, and other facilities to make the environment comfortable for workers. Many also have temperature control features, kitchenettes, and bathrooms.

These larger centers are trailers that can get dragged behind a vehicle. This makes it easy to bring the command center to where it needs to be. Large trailers may take around 30 minutes to set up. 

But some large centers are designed to be deployed as fast as possible. They may have special features that make them easier to deploy, no matter the environment. Some can get set up in 15 minutes. 

Fast deployment is essential when you’re in the middle of an emergency. Every second is important. Smaller mobile command centers may get set up within a short period, too. 

What You Need to Know

Smaller command centers are best for narrow streets and other constricted areas. They are also best if only a few lines of communication are needed instead of using a whole crew. These small command centers are also trailers that can be dragged behind a vehicle.

They should take 15 minutes or less to deploy. It often takes less time since there is not as much equipment to set up. These small centers have internet service, two-way communication, and more. 

There are also some command centers that are designed for crime scenes and police use. They may have special features such as evidence storage compartments and fingerprint stations. They may have portable lighting, stainless steel countertops, and recording cameras. 

These centers can also be set up within 15 to 30 minutes. Every command center model is designed to be efficient and fast. There is no wiggle room for wasting time in an emergency. 

You can get the results you need when employing a mobile command center. 

All about Setting up a Mobile Command Center

Having a mobile command center is essential during emergencies. It makes it easy to communicate with others when traditional lines of communication are not working. Most command centers can be set up within 15 to 30 minutes. 

The exact time depends on the size of the center. To learn more about them, check out our options