As technology advances, so do the ways we investigate and solve crimes. A mobile command center is a valuable resource for police departments or any public safety agency.

Mobile command centers are customizable and make it easier for police officers, technicians, and first responders to do their jobs in a single area. A mobile crime lab like the MERC Crime Scene Unit can move throughout the community wherever it’s needed.

There are a wide variety of uses for mobile crime scene vehicles.

Here’s a look at how mobile crime labs benefit law enforcement agencies.

What Is a Mobile Command Center?

A mobile command center can be used in a variety of diverse situations that require information accessibility, rapid response, interactive communication, live-stream video, and more.

These vehicles can be equipped with industry-standard technology along with a range of supporting devices and communication capabilities within its hub.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Crime Scene Vehicles?

There are many benefits these mobile command centers can provide to law enforcement. They can increase the productivity, capability, and opportunities for police officers, investigators, technicians, and more.

Rapid Response Time

When emergencies or disasters strike, time is always an important factor. Responding quickly to emergencies and keeping communication flowing are imperative when people’s lives are at stake.

Mobile command centers are readily available to ensure fast, effective responses to emergency scenarios. They can arrive quickly at the scene or as close to it as possible to provide help and support.

A mobile command center provides a place for workers to have the tools they need at hand to do their jobs in the most efficient ways possible. Minutes or even seconds can make the difference between life and death.

Every second counts in the event of an emergency. Mobile command centers perform an essential function and allow law enforcement to do their jobs faster, easier, and more efficiently.

Better Protection

When a city hosts a parade, concert, or any type of event or celebration, extra security is often an issue. Keeping the public safe is law enforcement’s number one priority.

Mobile command centers can be invaluable in situations like this. With wireless surveillance and security in place, you essentially have more protection and eyes on the crowd.

Having a mobile unit on hand is always a plus for any community.

Evaluation and Analysis of Evidence

One big benefit of a mobile command center is its flexibility. These types of units are adaptable for many uses and can include multiple workstations, conference areas, and additional space for your needs.

This can include the ability to use the vehicle as a mobile crime lab that offers on-the-scene analysis when needed. Officers can be near the crime scene and perform immediate analysis of evidence.

This gives easier and faster access to critical information. This may help officers make better and more accurate decisions in the heat of an investigation.

Respond to Crimes or High-Risk Situations Quickly

When a crime is taking place, it can be a dangerous situation for the public and law enforcement. Depending on the situation, there may be a need for multiple officers to be at the scene of the crime or emergency at hand.

For example, a hostage situation or standoff may require multiple officers, video surveillance, and wireless networking and communication. A mobile command center on the scene can provide for these needs quickly and efficiently.

This can help diffuse dangerous situations and speed up the conflict resolution process. Responding to high-risk events effectively is better and safer for law enforcement and the public at large.

Protect Valuable Equipment

Crime scene investigations often require expensive equipment. Investigators are often limited to what they can bring to the scene with them. 

A mobile command center can expand these capabilities, bringing the technology and tools they need close to the scene of the investigation. Factors such as the size and weight of equipment, power sources, and the weather can all be obstacles to law enforcement.

A mobile command center can serve many purposes, including a remote office, crime lab, or place of safety. It allows you to keep everything you need at hand and is completely transportable wherever you need it.

It offers a way to protect equipment and house equipment you may need in certain situations.

Presence at the Scene

Every day of the week is different for law enforcement. They never know what they will face from day to day. A mobile command center can help them be prepared for the many scenarios they face day after day in a dangerous profession.

Depending on the situation, a mobile command center may want to operate covertly, but that’s not always the case. Some operations aren’t meant to be hidden from public view.

It can often be beneficial to have a mobile command center at the scene. This may be to provide help and comfort in the community.

A mobile unit can often serve as a deterrent for would-be criminals. Preventing a crime is also a way of providing safety and security to the surrounding community.

A mobile command center can provide many services, including:

  • Serving as a mobile crime lab for investigating evidence
  • Becoming a hub that offers fast, clear communication among other units
  • Providing surveillance of areas with large crowds or suspicious persons
  • Serving as a mobile treatment facility for those needing immediate care

A mobile command center may provide these services and more. The units are customizable and can vary in their function depending on the needs of law enforcement.

The Value of a Mobile Crime Lab

Technology is constantly evolving, and so are the ways law enforcement approaches crime scene investigations. A mobile crime lab provides the space and technology for officers, investigators, and technicians to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently.

The MERC Crime Scene unit can provide a platform to help investigators and other forms of law enforcement perform their jobs better, faster, and more safely.

The unit is designed to support mobile crime scene technicians as they conduct investigations in various locations as needed.

To learn more about mobile command units, contact Comprehensive Communication Services today.