Our global footprint continues to grow as CCS has been contracted to provide five of our MERC-Lite mobile command center trailers and one MERC-V video surveillance trailer to the Saudi Arabia government. Through our relationship with Sat-Lite Technologies based out of White Oak, TX, we were able to get some exposure for our custom MERC line of mobile emergency response centers throughout the Middle East. The unique characteristics of the MERC-Lite with its mobility, certification for air transport, custom communication package, and Zumro Air Shelter for mobile work space quickly made it a popular choice with First Responders in this part of the world.

These units are equipped with a 30 foot Tempest pneumatic mast, dual 7,000 BTU rack mount ac units, three 21u equipment racks mounted on isolation mounts, a Cummins Onan 12,000 watt diesel generator with an 88 gallon fuel tank, and a Sat-Lite 1.8 meter auto acquire satellite system. The 1.8 meter is the largest satellite dish we have ever installed on a MERC-Lite, but it does fit into the roof space without any adjustments. This large dish with a 100 watt BUC will allow them to bring down a network connection between 40 and 50 mbps! The first MERC-Lite will be picked up in Dallas and flown on a private jet to it’s destination in Saudi Arabia.

During the Saudi’s two day visit with us at our new corporate headquarters in Ft. Worth, we were also able to show them some of our larger MERCs, our PERC portable kits, and our new MERC-UASC drone deployment trailer. This project has already opened up a lot of new opportunities for CCS in this part of the world. CCS now has some form of MERC mobile command center trailer deployed in 13 separate countries. Conversations are already in progress with other Middle Eastern countries so we expect this number to quickly increase.

Feel free to call or email us with questions at 972-772-2721 or sales@ccscontact.net.