merc-lpr-2The MERC-LPR is a small, highly mobile trailer that is equipped with a radar speed display, multiple LPR high definition video surveillance cameras used for license plate recognition and capture, 3G/4G cellular router, large battery bank, and onboard electronics to transmit and store all license plate data information. An external shore power connection allows for quick battery charging from a simple 15 amp circuit. The tongue of the trailer is removable for added security and two drop-down stabilizing jacks are deployed when the tongue is removed.

CCS has partnered with Vetted Solution on the development and deployment of our line of MERC-LPR trailers. Vetted is an Authorized Reseller and installer of Vigilant Solutions LPR software called LEARN™ which is Vigilant Solutions’ intelligence platform.  A hosted solution for law enforcement, the LEARN solution eliminates specific IT requirements within the agency and provides almost infinite scalability and data security.

LEARN transforms disparate sets of data into actionable intelligence.  Data such as Fixed LPR, Mobile LPR, vehicle registration expiration data, property records, criminal history and jail booking information, and more is easily condensed into meaningful and visual intelligence – intelligence that will protect officers, families, and communities, and ultimately save lives.

The System provides an ANPR / ALPR Back Office with unmatched capabilities.  LEARN provides agencies with an easy way to manage multiple vehicle hotlists, construct geo-fences, query historical license plate reader (LPR) data, create reports, and use analytic tools overlaying LPR data with other data sets for enhanced investigations.  Because LEARN is a hosted solution, data sharing and interoperability with other law enforcement agencies is inherently simplified.