MERC-LRAD-1The MERC-LRAD is a mobile long-range acoustical device designed to provide the ability to broadcast crystal clear messages to assist in an emergency response situation. Each lightweight and power efficient LRAD 360X dish can project sound at 129dB at 1 meter in a 360-degree circle around the whole device. A stack of 4 LRAD sound dishes mounted on a MERC trailer can cover 2.46 radial miles around the unit.

The MERC-LRAD consists of an Onan 7,000 watt diesel generator with a 30-gallon fuel tank, a 30-foot electronic mast, a 2 to 4 stack of LRAD dishes, on board 21U rack with LRAD amplifiers with a control unit including hand microphone, and a rack mounted AC unit. The unit can be towed to any emergency response location and deployed within 5 minutes of reaching the destination. The MERC-LRAD unit can also provide network access for remote control and operation.

The MERC-LRAD has applications for military use such as convoy protection, announcing standoff distances for control points and ship pier sides, checkpoint security, and immediate broadcast messages for information sharing. The system can also be used for campus-wide address and mass notification, broadcast announcements to clear an area during a chemical or biological response, to provide a bio-acoustic deterrent for bird and waterfowl control at airports and wind turbine farms, or for general information sharing at public gatherings and events where a normal microphone and speaker cannot provide adequate sound coverage.