Can not believe it is already the 4th quarter of 2021! I think many of us had hoped that COVID would be in our rear view right about now, but unfortunately it continues to affect our lives and the economy. The mission of First Responders to protect us all never stops so we continue to manufacture mobile command center trailers and vehicles for Law Enforcement Agencies all over the country and world. These build outs are taking longer to complete as we spend a lot more time than we used to waiting on parts – everything from generators to trucks to HVAC. We really appreciate the patience of all of our customers as we deal with these supply chain issues.

CCS recently delivered a new MERC-Lite mobile command center with a Zumro Air Shelter to the Port of Houston. This new unit is equipped with a new AVL 1.2 meter satellite system with IP Access satellite service, a Motorola Avigilon camera network for video security around the unit, battery backup system, an Engine Power Source (EPS) 30Kw diesel generator with an 80 gallon fuel tank, three 21u IT racks mounted on vibration isolators, and a Fireco 40 foot pneumatic mast. Colin Rizzo and team with the Port’s Police Dept. will be using this new MERC-Lite unit for security all around the Port. They recently took it to Ellington Air Force Base in Houston, TX for security at a local air show.

New Port of Houston MERC-Lite mobile command center and Zumro Air Shelter.

CCS is also close to completing a new MERC-Lite mobile command center with a Zumro Air Shelter for Bastrop County, Texas. This new unit will be equipped with a Cummins Onan 12 kw diesel generator and 80 gallon fuel tank, 30 foot Fireco pneumatic mast, an AVL 1.2 Meter satellite with IP Access satellite network service, a Pepwave HD2 Lte Router that supports AT&T FirstNet, three 21u IT racks, and much more. This MERC unit will be used not only as a mobile communication network, but also as a drone deployment unit and radio repeater site. Much more on this project later this year!

New Bastrop County MERC-Lite mobile command center still under construction.

New projects are also under way for Carrollton, TX Police Dept., Oro Valley, AZ Police, Karnes County, TX Sheriff’s Dept., Texas A&M, Odessa Police Dept, and many more. Stay tuned for more details. Please contact us with any questions at 972-772-2721 or