CCS is busy preparing for the 2019 TDEM Conference in San Antonio on April 15-17th at the downtown Convention Center. We are finally getting some nice sunny spring days here in the Dallas area, so we took the MERC-UASC or Unmanned Aerial System Carrier out for a spin today by Lake Ray Hubbard in Rockwall, Texas. I had Mike Butler from Bearcom Wireless tag along since he is a licensed drone pilot and had a lot of input into the design of this new drone deployment trailer.

The MERC unit is designed with a rear and side fiberglass walls to allow you to fly the UAS or drone from inside a climate controlled environment with a custom cockpit equipped with all the required computers, land mobile radios, weather station, PA system for takeoff and landing announcements, and a comfortable gaming chair. The unit is equipped with LTE service from AT&T and Verizon and has a AVL 1.0 meter auto acquire satellite with satellite service provided by IP Access International. This network connectivity allows the pilot to stream the video back live to a NOC or base station for remote real time viewing. The two sides and rear of the unit fold down and serve as take off and landing pads for the pilot. A tethering system is built into the rear pad to allow for extended flight times when the weather allows.

This new drone deployment trailer will be on display at the TDEM Conference in San Antonio on April 15th-17th or contact Comprehensive Communication Services for a demonstration and pricing at