The MERC-V is a small, lightweight mobile video surveillance trailer that can be deployed anywhere in the world to provide remote video monitoring and storage. The MERC-V can be used for construction site security, public event security, remote monitoring applications, traffic monitoring and analysis, disaster relief monitoring, facial recognition applications, license plate recognition, railway security and monitoring, and any other application where video surveillance is required. The MERC-V is a 15-foot single axle bumper pull trailer that weighs less than 2,500 pounds and can be towed by most standard vehicles.

The MERC-V can be powered by multiple power sources; 15 amp shore power connection, solar panels, internal battery bank, and/or a diesel generator. A 15-30 foot mast with multiple antenna and camera mounting arms allows for equipment to be quickly elevated from the trailer. A climate controlled locking equipment cabinet provides secure electronics rack space and a solar battery enclosure. Heavy duty integrated hydraulic jacks allow the trailer to be leveled when deployed. Network connectivity is provided by 3G or 4G connections and by an optional VSAT satellite in areas where the cellular network is not available. Local DVR recording equipment can be rack mounted or streamed across the selected network.