Our primary focus at CCS for our Mobile Emergency Response Center product line is to provide a trailer platform-based solution. This decision was made as a way to provide our customers another layer of redundancy with their solution. The logic is that if the towing vehicle breaks down while transporting your MERC trailer, you simply utilize another vehicle, thus avoiding the risk of a break down impacting your emergency communication efforts.

The past few years several CCS State, Federal, and International customers have requested we provide them a vehicle-based solution. This has included doing conversion work and communication equipment integration into motorized vehicles including buses, Suburbans, Transit Vans, and larger Recreational Vehicles. These conversions can be performed on new or existing vehicles.

The communication equipment package for a vehicle-based solution is no different than for a MERC trailer. It can include a VSAT roof mounted satellite, pneumatic mast, land mobile radios, 4G and LTE repeaters and routers, WiFi, video surveillance, Mutualink, and Direct or Dish HD tv. Additional power, fuel storage, and HVAC can be added to the vehicle when required. The only limitation for these solutions is the amount of space in the vehicle. Please contact CCS for a custom quote for a vehicle-based solution.