Hurricane Season officially starts on June 1st, but tornado season seems to be year round now. A lot of our customers are bringing their mobile command centers in for a technology refresh and repair work in preparation for any potential disasters. Part of what is driving the need for these upgrades is not just the age of the units, but some of the new technology that is now available to First Responders. As customers continue to migrate to the new FirstNet Network this may require them to install new LTE routers that are FirstNet and Band 14 capable. CCS supports CradlePoint, Pepwave, and Sierra Wireless routers and we are an authorized Reseller and Integrator for AT&T FirstNet.

City of Irving, TX Mobile Command Center in for some upgrades.

There are also a lot of mechanical adjustments that need to be made to these mobile command centers such as “slide-outs” that do not slide anymore, pneumatic masts that either stick or leak air, generators that need to be serviced or replaced, satellite hardware that needs to be updated, old fluorescent lights that need to be upgraded to LED lighting, carpet that needs to be replaced with rubber coin flooring, and many other items. It is a never ending job to keep a mobile command center road worthy and functional so let CCS help you put together an ongoing maintenance schedule and service plan to ensure that when a crisis happens you are ready to respond!

City of Wylie, TX Mobile Command Center in for some work.

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