While most of us were relaxing with family and enjoying our own 4th of July celebrations, many of CCS customers were hard at work providing security at the thousands of public 4th of July Celebrations around the country. One of our local customers is the City of Irving Police Dept. and they recently procured five new MERC-V video surviellance trailers from us to assist them with security around the City. Several of these unnits were deployed at their City’s 4th of July celebration this year. These units are completely solar powered and through the use of a Pepwave 5g wireless router and a Nextivity LTE extension system, they are able to remotely monitor and control these units once they have them deployed.

Summer is always busy for us as we continue to build out new mobile command centers. We are currently working on projects for the State of Louisiana, Verizon Wireless, Guadalupe County Texas, Pasadena Texas Police Dept. , State of California, Larimer County Colorado, AT&T FirstNet for the State of Kansas 911 team, Texas Dept. of Public Safety, and several more. Several of these new command centers will be equipped with the new Kymeta satellite equipment that works off the LEO network.

The 2023 Hurricane Season is already here so that is a daily part of our routine now – checking with the National Weather Service to see if anything is brewing off the coast of Africa! Most people do not realize how often our First Responders practice and drill to make sure that their equipment is ready to deploy should any form of disaster strike. That is not always a fun job when you are doing that in this summer heat!! Many of our customers are constantly doing technology refreshes in their mobile command centers to make sure their units are equipped with the last communication equipment – new 5g capable routers, new LEO capable satellites, new drone deployment technology, new video cameras, and so much more.