We feel very fortunate and blessed at CCS that we are considered a critical manufacturer and we are able to work through this COVID-19 crisis. As odd as it seems, we are actually even more busy with several requests for equipment related to the COVID-19 response. I assure you I would be more than happy to trade off all of this extra work to have this health crisis come to an end. The loss of life and the economic hardships this has placed on our country and the world is one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. The only uplifting thing that I have seen from this mess is the incredible work our First Responders and front line Healthcare workers are doing to take care of the sick. Even the folks that work at the grocery stores and restaurants that continue to provide us food putting their own health at risk is amazing to see.

CCS is under contract for a large number of new mobile command center build outs, several new mobile command center renovations, and some new MERC video surveillance trailers. Texas DPS has been a long standing customer of CCS and we are in the early stages of a new MERC command center drive away unit for them. This new 26 foot unit is being built on the stretched chassis of a Freightliner truck and will be equipped with a very robust communication package: 1.2 Meter AVL auto acquire satellite system with an iDirect X7 modem, Motorola APEX radios, Mutualink IWS system, Telex dispatch consoles, Pepwave LTE FirstNet HD4 quad sim router, Direct TV service, 50 foot Fireco pneumatic mast, COHUD high def video surveillance cameras, pivoting IT racks, Newline Touchscreen, IP Access sat network service and hosted Polycom IP Phones, 16X16 video matrix swicth, and multiple LED HD monitors. Much more on this project in coming months.

mobile command center, MERC, mobile operations center, emergency response, FirstNet, Mutualink
Texas DPS new MERC mobile command center in progress!!

Also in the Texas DPS family, CCS is renovating a large RV to convert it into a Mobile Command Center for the Texas Rangers. This was a seized asset during a drug arrest so what a great benefit to TX DPS and the taxpayers to be able to use this nice vehicle at a minimum cost to help keep the State a safer place. It will be modified to support multiple work stations and IT equipment. Their comms configuration will be very similar to the TX DPS new build out including video downlink software that will allow them to stream live video feeds from DPS helicopters. This new MERC mobile command center will be used all over the State including providing Border security.

Texas Ranger new mobile command center

CCS with our partners at Sat-Lite Resources continues to provide our MERC-Lite satcom trailers with Zumro Air Shelters for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Five more units are set to ship off to the Middle East next week as we put them though their final burn in tests. Three new MERC-V video surveillance trailers will leave for Lubbock, TX next Tuesday for the Texas Tech University Police Dept. Two MERC units for Ground Control out of California left today headed to Kaiser Insurance. Two new MERC-V video surveillance trailers for Lewisville Police Dept are under construction. CCS was also recently awarded a new project from the US Army North to build a new prototype mobile command center. Much more on these projects in May.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MERC-Lites

Please stay safe and as always reach out to us with any questions or comments at 972-772-2721 or sales@ccscontact.net.