Emergency professionals keep our country safe from harm and natural disasters. Today, over 70% of 911 calls in the U.S. are placed from wireless phones. While North America uses 911, other countries use 999 instead.

Whether you’re in emergency services, a law professional, in disaster relief situations, or work for the government, mobile command centers can be a beneficial asset. While times during an emergency might be overwhelming, these centers can help.

This article will take a look at mobile command centers, what they are, and why they’re beneficial. Read on to explore more about these and find out why they’ll help you during a time of crisis.

What Is a Mobile Command Center?

A mobile command center is a type of operations center that travels from one location to another. They often have satellite communication and radio. You might find specialized equipment such as chemical agent detectors or water sensors.

They’re often semi-trailers or other large vehicles. Smaller vehicles are sometimes an option as well.

They’re used as a way for you to communicate and coordinate with your team when there are multiple responders. If the communication devices and equipment exceed the weight of a commercial vehicle, they can be broken into 2 or more vehicles.

1. Responsive

Integrated technologies in mobile command centers allow you to be the first to respond to a situation. Without a mobile command center, the problem gets sent to the stationary office.

From there, it can be reported back to everyone else. The good news is that a mobile command center can respond to the problem while receiving the communication.

2. Useful During Emergencies

No matter what your operations, they can be a base for them. Mobile command centers can also be set up in minutes for communication. They’ll allow you to coordinate the response while assessing the damage.

During an emergency, emergency response professionals can be dispatched to the correct location. They can be customized with safety in mind as well. This can include fire suppression or fire resistance.

3. Mobility

Equipment can be transported wherever you go. Mobile command centers are useful since they can stay in one area for as long as you need them, or move when you need them to.

4. Satellite Connectivity

About 60,000 people die from natural disasters each year. Communication is essential in the 21st century for all emergency personnel.

Without a mobile command center then your communication might be ineffective. The safety of your citizens counts on you being able to respond to disasters in as little time as possible.

Exploring the Benefits of Mobile Command Centers

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of why mobile command centers aren’t just beneficial, but even necessary. As an emergency professional you know the importance of each moment when it comes to a crisis.

Are you ready to get started with a mobile command center today and speed up the time it takes you to respond to an emergency? Contact us today! Watch your response time diminish thanks to mobile command centers. If you have questions, we’re happy to answer them as well.