Got to spend a few days last week with the LA State Fire Marshal at England Air Force Base in Alexandria, LA as they deployed their new CCS MERC Mobile Command Center for the first time for a live exercise were they simulated having a plane catch on fire on the runway. The LA State Police, local England Air Base crew, and several other local First Responders participated in the drill and the MERC was set up as the command post out on the runway. The weather could not have been any nicer and the exercise great practive for when a real event might occur.

The new MERC command center for the LA Fire Marshal served as the communication hub for the event as it is equipped with a new StarLink satellite, Pepwave BR2 dual modem dual sim 5g router with WiFi, 4 Motorola mobile radios, 1 Motorola radio repeater, Mutualink IWS system, video surveillance cameras with NVR, HD video wall system, 30Kw diesel generator, 40 foot Fireco pneumatic mast, HVAC, Direct TV, rack mounted UPS system, Cisco POE switch with hosted IP phones, and an off air HD tv tuner antenna. The LA Fire Team led by Chase Hawthorne were able to provide internet access to all users to allow them to communicate as needed during the exercise.

CCS will be hosting a Lunch and Learn at our Ft Worth facility on Nov. 28th to focus on some of the new satellite technology for the LEO network. For more more information contact us at or 972-772-2721.