Climate controlled work and shelter space can be hard to come by during a disaster response. In the event that the internal workspace of a MERC command center trailer is not large enough, CCS offers a complete line of inflatable shelters that can be deployed in conjunction with our MERC trailers to ensure all First Responders have the room they need to function. These shelters can range in size from 10’ X 10’ to a 30’ X 60’ shelter.

CCS will configure the MERC trailer to transport and support any shelter(s) that are assigned to the unit. This includes sizing the generator and fuel tank to support any additional accessories required for the shelter such as heating and ac units, shelter lighting, workstations, televisions and multi-media display equipment, medical treatment equipment, communication equipment, etc.. The VSAT satellite and mast installed on the MERC trailer can be used to support mobile communications for all users assigned to the MERC trailer or the shelter.

CCS can provide all the accessory equipment to support a shelter deployment:

  • Rubber flooring
  • Rain guards for placement under shelter
  • Heating and AC equipment
  • Interior and Exterior LED lighting
  • Work tables and chairs
  • Portable beds and medical examination equipment
  • Television and multimedia equipment
  • Food preparation and storage equipment
  • Portable bathrooms and showers