k-12-mutualinkCCS is proud to partner with Mutualink to offer a product that helps make our schools safer for the students and faculty by providing an interoperability solution that makes it much easier and faster for schools, police departments, fire departments, and other critical agencies such as hospitals to communicate and share information during a crisis on campus. Since 1992, more than 40 schools have experienced multiple victim homicides. The ability to communicate and see events in real time inside schools, and across agencies and partners when needed, provides critical capabilities that can make a real-world difference in terms of response and safety outcomes.

k-12-mutualink-2No two schools, police, or fire departments are equipped with exactly the same communication assets – radios, video cameras, mobile devices, and telephones. Sharing information and collaborating real time using disparate systems and ensuring that each group maintains control of their assets can be accomplished with Mutualink’s solution including its Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform (IRAPP) network.

A key feature of the Mutualink K-12 Offer is a Panic Button which can an application on a smartphone or tablet or a hard-wired button easily placed in any accessible area. If a teacher or faculty member feels threatened or becomes aware of a pending threat, they can hit their Mutualink Panic Button and immediately create a crisis response based on predetermined criteria.  This action can instantly contact and connect with on-site security staff, local Police and Fire, a local Hospital, and any other agency on the Mutualink network and provide them the physical location of the threat.  This action can also share any associated live video feeds, connect to the schools paging system, send out a text message, and provide a floor plan of the school.  There is integration required based on each school’s network, but the opportunity to greatly increase the response time is unparalleled!