mutualink command centerMutualink is an innovative multimedia interoperable communications sharing platform for emergency and day-to-day needs. It can be used for public safety, first responder agencies, hospitals, and critical infrastructure, as well as National Guard and Military use. It is a proven, deployable, and rapidly expanding communications system.

Mutualink is an IP-based multimedia communication resource sharing platform that allows public safety agencies and critical community assets to communicate in a manner that is separate and apart from the general public.

It can incorporate:

  • Voice: LMR radios, VoIP “push-to-talk”, telephone, cellular & Nextel
  • Video: live feeds from buildings, streets, cruisers, copters
  • Text Messaging: more effective than voice for informational content
  • File Sharing: blueprints, floor plans, photos, procedures
  • PA System Interface: Broadcast Emergency Messages
  • Dispatch Collaboration: off-the-air conferencing between dispatch centers

mutualink-2A key advantage of the Mutualink system is the user friendly GUI interface that allows the person managing the incident to easily initiate an incident response, identify the available local and remote resources, and then invite them or “pull” them into a response by simply clicking and dragging the desired resource into the response box on their screen. With less than 30 minutes of training, most users can manage an incident response without outside support.

mutualink-4Mutualink continues to enhance their mobility options and users can now manage or join an incident response from their smartphone or tablet device. They have also been selected by Google as an early adopter of the new Google Glasses and are working to incorporate this amazing new technology into their system.