CCS with our partners at Vetted Security and Vigilant just delivered a new LPR and video trailer to the Huntsville Police Department. This new trailer will enable their Police officers to better monitor any potential drivers in their City that may be driving with a warrant out for their arrest, driving a stolen car, a registered sex offender driving to close to a school, etc.. The two Vigilant LPR cameras installed on the MERC trailer quickly scan a plate and use the LTE connectivity provided with the trailer to quickly compare that plate against a national database to check for any violations or possible threats.

This unit is equipped with not only 2 Vigilant LPR cameras, but also two Axis PTZ cameras mounted on a 30 foot mast for added security. An on board Cummins Onan generator keeps the unit running and a Pepwave LTE router providers network connectivity for the on board computer running the Vigilant LPR software. The tongue of the trailer is removable to prevent an unauthorized vehicle driving away with the MERC!

On board computer and LTE router.

In addition to the LPR technology, Vigilant also offers a very robust Facial Recognition software package. Just one more great technology to assist First Responders in making the world a safer place.