The Portable Emergency Response Center (PERC) is a small tactical mobile communication network that can be easily transported and deployed anywhere in the world with satellite access. The PERC is housed in a portable shock mount case with wheels that can be ordered in a variety of sizes based on the required communication equipment. A VSAT motorized self-aligning satellite dish is sold with the unit to provide remote network connectivity and this dish can be placed on a ground stand near the portable case or mounted to a vehicle rooftop rack.

Onan-Portable-GeneratorThe standard configuration of the PERC will include an internal communication system supporting analog, digital, VoIP, wireless, and SIP connectivity, the satellite controllers and modem, and a rack mounted battery back up system. Optional components can be added including cellular gateways, video conferencing equipment, radio interoperability servers, wireless LAN equipment, and any other communication equipment that can operate off a standard network connection.

Please note that the PERC will require an external power source to operate. CCS does offer a wide array of portable generators that could be transported with the unit. The PERC can be transported in the back of a truck or in the trunk or back seat of most standard sized cars. Upon reaching a disaster site, the unit can fully operational within 15 minutes or less.