Project Description

The Texas Department of Public Safety is one of the largest First Responder Agencies in the Country. One of the key components of this agency is their Emergency Management Division led by Nim Kidd. This organization is tasked with helping the State respond to all man-made and natural disasters within the State of Texas. The Jack Colley State Operations Center (SOC) is operated by TDEM on a 24/7 basis and serves as the state warning point. The SOC coordinates 3,000 to 4,000 incidents per year.

A key part of the State’s Response out in the field to any crisis is their fleet of Mobile Command Center trailers and vehicles that can be deployed to provide a mobile base of operations. This fleet consists of not only mobile command center trailers but also mobile generator trailers and mobile tower trailers. These units are also used as part of the State’s Border Security initiative.

In 2015, CCS provided Texas DPS their newest addition to their response fleet, a new 45-foot Emergency Response Center. It is equipped with a 50,000 watt Onan generator, two 50 foot Tempest pneumatic masts, 4 slide outs for expanded workspace, an internal conference room, a kitchen a bathroom, and dispatch consoles for TX DPS operators. A very robust Motorola radio network is installed in one of the 3 equipment racks along with video surveillance equipment, cellular gateways, and routers, and a large battery backup system. This purchase was made through the Texas DPS procurement office in conjunction with the State of Texas DIR Contract.