What if a single purchase could enhance your security in a major way?

A good license plate reader can help make any premises more secure than ever. It should be part of any comprehensive communication system. At the same time, though, it can be difficult to find the best reader for your particular needs.

How do you know which reader you should buy? Check out our guide to everything you must know before buying a new reader!

IP Security Cameras Are Worth It

The main part of any plate reader system is the camera. Without that, you’re not reading much of anything. But which cameras are really worth your time?

Right now, IP security cameras are your best bet for improving security. The trick is making sure that the camera has the right resolution for your needs.

If it has a Pixels Per Foot rating of at least 40, you can usually get a good image of a plate. If you want serious resolution, though, snag a camera with a PPF of 50 or even 60. The demands are less than they would be for facial recognition, which typically requires about 80 PPF.

Software and Storage

While cameras are the most important part of any reader system, that hardware can’t do much but record and transmit data. If you’re going to get any use out of it, you’ll need good software to go along with it.

On the most basic level, this software helps you keep track of the plates that you record. This is important because you may not realize a plate is of real interest until well after the fact.

More advanced software will correlate these plates with online databases that can help you flag suspect vehicles. And, of course, you can personally flag vehicles that you wish to permanently ban from the premises.

No Privacy, No Problem

Want to know the biggest question we hear about cameras and plate readers? Just three little words: “is this legal?”

It may feel weird at first to effectively spy on other people by recording their license plates. Legally, though, you’re completely in the clear.

That’s because information on the outside of a vehicle is considered public info. It’s not like you’re snooping inside their glove compartment. Recording a license plate with a camera, especially on your own premises, is just as legal as walking up to the car and manually writing down the plate.

Ultimately, all of the sensitive information attached to a plate (such as who the driver is and where they live) is reserved for law enforcement. But the plate numbers are quite public.

Serious Peace of Mind

If you’re still on the fence about a license plate camera, we’ve got three more magic words for you: “peace of mind.”

With any luck, you’ll go your whole life without banning a vehicle or flagging a stolen car. But to be blunt, there is no way to guarantee this.

A good plate reader offers peace of mind. At the end of the day, it’s better to have this security and not need it than need this security and not have it!

Buying a License Plate Reader: What’s Next?

Now you have the information to buy the right plate reader. But do you know who can handle your other security and communication needs?

We specialize in comprehensive communication and complete mobile command centers. To see what we can do for your business, contact us today!