rental-1CCS offers our customers a rental program that allows the temporary use of a MERC-V video surveillance trailer or a MERC satellite communication trailer. The video surveillance trailers can be used for long-term security at a construction site, additional security for a large public event, or to serve as a deterrent in a high crime area. These units can be rented by the week or month based on the specific requirements. The MERC-V offers multiple power options including solar, generator, and shore power capabilities. The rental package will include multiple PTZ day/night cameras, 4g or LTE connectivity when needed, and DVR storage with on-site and remote playback.

rental-2For customers that need a complete mobile communication network for short-term use, the Mobile Emergency Response Center can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis. These units can provide an internet network connection, 4g, and LTE service for both data and voice connectivity, Direct TV or Dish HD satellite network connectivity, land mobile radio service, WiFi, mobile power, and mobile office space. These units can assist First Responders during an emergency response situation or aid a commercial business that needs temporary network access.

CCS does not publish our rental rates online, so please contact us directly for a rental quote designed to meet your specific requirements. CCS can provide on-site technical support and training when needed to assist in setting up this temporary network.