Want to become a CCS reseller?…

CCS-Staging-Center CCS is always looking for companies that have a focus on emergency response and business continuity that see our solution set as a complement to their own offers. We offer two options for reselling with CCS:

Option 1: Sign up with CCS as a Value Added Reseller (VAR). This will give you full access to our product line, services and support, and marketing material. We provide our VARs sales support on customer appointments, marketing support for working trade shows, demo equipment for customer demonstrations, and Market Action Plan development which will help us define your specific target market. We also encourage all of our VARs to add some of their own products and solutions to our MERC and PERC packages to make their offers unique and more valuable.

Option 2: Sign up with CCS as a Referral Agent. CCS works with several small companies that have a presence in the Emergency Response and Business Continuity Market, but do not have the corporate structure to sell or support our solution set. Several of these companies have been set up as Referral Agents with CCS which allows them to refer sales opportunities to CCS for us to follow up on directly or through one of our VARs. If these referrals turn into sales, CCS pays the Agent a predetermined referral fee for bringing us the opportunity. These fees vary based on the size of the opportunity and the actual product sold.

CCS is unique in that we do not have any outside salespeople. All of our sales opportunities are based on word of mouth referrals, our network of VARs or a sales lead from an industry trade show. We are always looking to expand our scope of VAR coverage in North America and we work very hard to make sure our VARs get the support they need to be successful.

If you are interested in discussing becoming a Value Added Reseller or a Referral Agent, please Contact Us.