SS-1CCS through our partnership with IP Access International offers a dual-satellite network that offers high performance, end-to-end networking for voice, video and data services. is a dual-satellite network with world-class, bicoastal teleports. We utilize the industry’s best commercial satellite technologies to fit your performance & price objectives by assembling numerous technologies within our product arsenal including Managed Data Services, Terrestrial Circuits, Video, VPNs, Business Television, Corporate TV, Video On Demand & Digital Signage.

We have designed specific services and capabilities around a variety of Video applications which include Video Conferencing, Video Streaming, and Video Surveillance. We offer several VoIP solutions to accommodate a range of use cases, from corporate voice requirements to those of emergency management professionals. We can deliver clear and affordable communication anywhere, anytime.

SS-2CCS has partnered with Mutualink, Inc. and IP Access International to offer a new disaster resilient emergency communications solution for public safety and critical infrastructure entities that enable real-time, interoperable voice, video and data communications during major disasters. The solution ensures that agencies maintain critical interoperable communications with other agency partners and critical infrastructure entities, even in cases where traditional communications networks are rendered inoperative. By combining Mutualink’s national always-on interoperable network (known as the IRAPP) with IP Access’ advanced broadband satellite solution, agencies can ensure connectivity with critical partners and services in times of disaster. Mutualink’ s rapidly growing IRAPP network is the only emergency interoperability network of its kind, with more than 1,000 public safety and critical infrastructure entities participating on a nationwide basis.

CCS is proud to offer all of our customers a Disaster Response Network Option that allows them to select a 10 or 15 day per month package without having to fund a full time sat network package. This allows the user to pick and choose which days they deploy their satellite and in the event that they do need additional days beyond their contracted plan, they can pay for these days on a day to day basis.