The TDEM State of Texas Emergency Management Conference was in my opinion one of the best conferences in the past 10 years in Texas in terms of the number of attendees, the number and quality of vendors, and the amount of technology on display for First Responders to see first hand. We were especially excited about having it in Ft. Worth, TX (our home town) at the downtown Convention Center. We hosted a big cookout at our shop on Tuesday night with over 70 First Responders in attendance and our 40X50 floor space was the largest display space we have ever reserved at a tradeshow. This space allowed us to show off our MERC-Lite tactical mobile command centers, Zumro Air Shelters, MERC drone deployment van, BFX Fire support vehicles, Kymeta LEO satellite equipment installed on the IP Access Hummer, our full line of PERC deployable kits, MERC LPR and Speed trailers, fly away satellite system from Sat-Lite Technologies, Dejero and Pepwave 5g routers, Samsung and Just Add Power video wall display technology, Mutualink School Safety Solutions, JPS Radio Interoperability solutions, and much more. We aslo used this event to announce our newest product offering – the MERC Inflatable Tower System which is a 25 foot mobile tower in a mobile case that is battery powered and comes with a pulley mast head system that can support up to 200 lbs! This is a joint development project with our sister company – Zumro Air Shelters. This new tower system can be stored in the trunk of a car, back of truck, etc.. and can allow it’s users to quickly deploy antennas, cameras, satellite equipment, and any other technology that benefits from being placed in the air at 25 feet. Much more on this new product in the coming months. I want to think of all of our partners – Zumro Air Shelters, JPS, Mutualink, IP Access, BFX Fire, Frontier Communications, Pepwave, Dejero, Kymeta, Bearcom Wireless, Sat-Lite Technologies, and Vetted Security for their help in staffing this show and helping CCS customers understand the technology. A very special thanks to Denton County TX Sheriff’s Office and Robert Hamilton for allowing us to display a recent MERC Drone Deployment Van we built out for them – very much appreciated. Not only did they allow us to display the van, but they were there for support to answer any questions customers had.

TDEM 2023

More and more state and local agencies are building out drone deployment teams and equipping them with fleets of drones as well as drone deployment vehicles and trailers. Most of our customers know we build out a full line of mobile command center trailers and vehicles, but please be aware that we also do drone deployment vans, trailers, and custom vehicles. Drone deployment units are very similar to mobile command centers, they are just equipped a little differently to support the drone pilots and staff. CCS does not resale the drones themselves, our specialty is provding the network connectivty to allow these pilots to share their drone video feeds, to be able to communicate and have network connectvity wherever they are, to be able to extend the range of their flight controllers, and provide them a comfortable climate controlled work space. We also have the only drone deployment unit with fold down exterior walls that serve as launching and landing pads for the drones with plexiglass style walls that allow line of sight with the drone from inside the unit!

Whether your agency needs a new mobile command center, an upgrade on an exisitng mobile command center, a drone deployment trailer or vehicle, video surveillance trailer, License Plate Recognition trailer, new video wall, or any other mobile communication need, CCS is here to help. PLease contact us any time at 972-772-2721 or