What if your department was missing a piece of equipment that could change everything?

License plate readers have been a real game-changer for city, state, and federal agencies for many years. Unfortunately, many managers don’t understand the potential of these readers.

Curious what license plate readers can do for you? Keep reading to discover the many benefits!

Deterring Crime

When it comes to the benefits of license plate readers, the first benefit is simple. These readers can help deter criminal activity. This is important because parking lots are the third most common place where crimes occur.

All you have to do is make it known that there are license plate readers on the premises. When drivers realize their behavior is being monitored and recorded, they are far less likely to commit criminal behavior.

As an added bonus, these readers can help enhance automation within your organization. This helps you get more done, even with a limited staff.

Collecting Information

Growing up, everyone heard the phrase “knowledge is power.” But in a world of analytics-based security, that phrase is more accurate than ever before.

And license plate recognition can help you take your data collection to the next level. By collecting information and storing data over time, you can build up a robust database of information.

Over time, this can help you gather information about potential suspects. And keeping a record of different license plates and driver behaviors can help to enhance the security of your entire organization.

Enhanced Security

It’s an open secret that tasks such as parking lot management are not easy. That is because parking lots (especially large lots) are often used to facilitate criminal activity.

And security officers are in unique danger in these situations. Typically, there is no way to know whether someone is simply acting strange or if they pose a serious risk to everyone in the parking lot.

With license plate readers, you and your team can quickly scan plates and discover if, for example, a plate is associated with a dangerous criminal. This helps security approach the threat while helping to ensure their safety while confronting a potential criminal.

Smoother Traffic

While dangerous criminals are bad enough, they aren’t the primary annoyance in your parking lot. Instead, the main things you need to be worried about are the entrance and exit to the lot.

It’s easy for traffic to jam up in these areas. And the potential for jamming gets a lot worse when a security guard is having to manually collect information about each car coming in.

With a license plate reader, you can automatically scan every vehicle that enters the lot. You get all the benefits of vehicle inspection, all while reducing the number of annoying traffic jams you have to deal with.

License Plate Readers: What’s Next?

Now you know about the primary benefits of license plate readers. But do you know who can help make your parking lot safer and more secure than ever before?

We specialize in everything from plate readers to mobile command centers. To see what we can do for you, just contact us today!