Some of the bigger MERC trailers require a larger truck to tow. them  To assist in the deployment of the Mobile Emergency Response Center this towing vehicle can be customized with items such as a  large external fuel tank that can be used for both the towing vehicle and the generator installed in the MERC trailer.  Many times during a disaster response situation, normal fuel resources will not be available and the First Responders must have an adequate on-site fuel supply to ensure they can power all of their equipment for the duration of the event.

Larger MERC trailers can also utilize air brakes which require air line connections on the truck. Custom LED lighting can be added to the truck to provide more display lighting for brakes and exterior lighting for nighttime operation. A fifth wheel attachment can be welded onto a new platform on the truck to allow for the towing connection to the trailer. Custom trailer hitch attachments can be added to the truck to allow it to tow different types of trailers.

All truck conversions require custom quotations from the CCS Service Department.